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The 5 Best Recliner Neck Pillows – Top Benefits for Neck Pain

Neck and shoulder pain can be quickly relieved by using recliner neck pillows. Many people find relief from headaches that defy other treatments when they utilize these pillows. The use of a high-quality neck massage pillow has a lot of advantages. This article discusses why you might consider getting a recliner pillow, and for those interested in getting one, we’ll be weighing in on some of the options. You may carry on with your regular daily activities while your neck benefits from the cervical support it receives to maintain alignment and you benefit from the little relief it offers.

A lot of people deal with neck pain on a daily basis. Neck discomfort can have a variety of causes and symptoms. If it is not addressed right away or avoided by taking the necessary precautions, the problem could get worse. Neck recliners are an easy method to keep your neck comfortable and keep it from straining it. 

Best Recliner Neck Pillows (Updated List) 

1Desk Jockey Headrest Support CushionDesk Jockey Neck Pillow Headrest Support Cushion Best Overall 
2Octane Seating Octane Black Leather Recliner Neck PillowOctane Seating Octane Black Leather Recliner Neck Pillow High density, premium blown fiber filling 
3Bowerbird Leather Recliner Head PillowBowerbird Leather Recliner Head Pillow Hypoallergenic cover leather material feels soft against the skin 
4Bone Pillow & Bone Pillow for Neck SleepCervical Pillow & Dog Bone Pillow for Neck Butterfly shape which makes it more ideal for back and side sleepers 
5Sаmѕоnitе Trаvеl Nесk Pillow  SAMSONITE, Neck Pillow for Car and SUV Ergonomic design ensures boosted circulation 

Why You Should Get Recliner Neck Pillows 

If you’re looking for a recliner neck pillow, there are a few things you should know. First, recliner neck pillows are great for people who spend a lot of time in recliners. They help to support your head and neck, and they can also help to reduce the risk of pain in your shoulders and upper back. 

Second, recliner neck pillows are also great for people who suffer from headaches or migraines. The support that a recliner neck pillow provides can help to ease the pressure on your head and neck, and it can also help to reduce the frequency and severity of headaches. 

Finally, recliner neck pillows are also great for people who want to improve their posture. The support that a recliner neck pillow provides can help to straighten your spine and improve your overall posture. So, if you’re looking for a recliner neck pillow, be sure to keep these things in mind. You won’t regret it! 

What to Look for When Buying Recliner Neck Pillows 

Everyone has different preferences on what is important or not when deciding on a recliner neck pillows, but I want to offer my opinion on the most important things that the recliner neck pillows should have. 

When you have made up your mind on the type of pillow you wish to purchase, the next step is to look at the features. These are some of the main things you should consider:   

Pillow Shape 

The shape of the pillow you choose will have a significant impact on your comfort and support level. You need to pick a pillow with a shape that can mold as consistent with your head and neck contours. Contoured pillows are often a great option for people who constantly experience neck pains because they are able to conform to your body’s natural shape. 

Traditional curved pillows are also quite effective at providing both neck and head support. Most of these pillows like the sweet night pillow feature shredded filling and are adjustable. They are able to contour according to the shape of your head and neck hence keeping them properly aligned with your spine.   

Filling Material   

There are different materials used for stuffing within pillow. The quality of these materials will determine the softness, firmness and amount of support it can offer. Memory foam pillows tend to be a bit larger and thicker than others. However, when you lay on them, they condense so much and conform and adjust to your body’s shape.   


If you pick something that’s too soft or too firm, then your neck and head might not get the amount of comfort and support needed to keep them aligned with your spine.   

Cover Material   

To ensure optimal comfort, you should pick a pillow cover that has a soft texture either derived from bamboo fiber or made from cotton. Polyester covers are also quite comfortable and durable. You want to ensure also that the cover is breathable so as to allow sufficient airflow. Check out the best 5 recliner neck pillows in 2022:  

Recliner Neck Pillows Product Reviews 

Here are the reviews of the best recliner neck pillows: 

1) Desk Jockey Neck Pillow (Best Overall)

recliner neck pillows - Desk Jockey Headrest Support Cushion

Desk jockey with a concave shape that snugly fits beneath your cervical spine. It fits practically any office chair backrest thanks to the extra-long adjustable strap, especially those with the wide, uniform backrest seen on ordinary office chairs.   

The Desk Jockey neck cushion measures approximately 11′′ x 6′′ x 4′′ deep. We adore the elastic strap’s 10′′ length, which makes it simple to attach on almost any conventional office chair without slipping off. It functions just as effectively on recliners.   

You will also be impressed by the pillow’s high-quality memory foam, which offers therapeutic levels of comfort and support. Since memory foam takes some time to adapt to the contour of your neck, it can feel somewhat hard at first. However, the pillow’s hardness guarantees your neck will always be comfortable and pain-free. 


  • Long strap (it can go over anything from car seats, office chairs, to recliners.)   
  • Removable and machine-washable outer cover 
  • Includes a carry bag for easy storing when not in use 
  • 2-year limited warranty and a 60-dау pain-free guarantee 


  • Available only in standard sizes   

2) Octane Seating Octane Black Leather Recliner Neck Pillow   

recliner neck pillows - Octane Seating Octane Black Leather Recliner Neck Pillow

When reclining, the Octane Head & Neck Pillow is the ideal complement for individuals who require more movement or support. The pillow’s high density, premium blown fiber filling offers just the appropriate amount of support while also being incredibly comfortable. 

For the purpose of relieving muscle tension, an ergonomic shape that can be applied to the head or neck was created. It excellently compliments your Octane home theater seats and is available in both black top grain leather and black bonded leather.   

To use, simply place it over the recliner’s headrest and move it into the desired position. Once in place, the strap will make sure it stays there. The strap has a weighted end that balances the pillow and helps it maintain its position. In order to guarantee that it always remains in place, it is additionally made with an anti-slip substance along the strap. 

The cushion can occasionally be used by some persons as an additional arm rest. This pillow is suitable for all theater seating configurations as well as other pieces of furniture. Designed to be high-quality and long-lasting.   


  • High density blown fiber   
  • Full sized support 
  • Anti-slip backing material   
  • Weighted strap 


  • Only available in black and brown color

3) Bowerbird Leather Recliner Head Pillow 

recliner neck pillows - Bowerbird Leather Recliner Head Pillow

The high-density fiber foam filling in this recliner head pillow makes it substantial. Because it is made of sturdy bonded leather, its extra price is justified because you know it will last for many years. It is simple to set up on your chair and can be adjusted wherever you need along your back.   

If you currently own a leather recliner chair but it doesn’t have a neck cushion, this is an excellent option. You will like the customizable nature of this Bowerbird pillow, among other things. If the height is uncomfortable for you, then you can remove the middle layer of the pillow, allowing you to tailor it to fit practically anyone. 

The foam’s quality is also fairly good. It is soft and holds up nicely in a variety of conditions. It’s a good quality memory foam that will retain its firmness and fluffiness for years to come.   

The hypoallergenic cover leather material feels soft against the skin and is suitable for use even by individuals who have allergies. In conclusion, the Bowerbird is another sturdy and versatile pillow made to accommodate all different sorts of sleepers.   


  • Adjustable   
  • Cover material can be Cleaned   
  • Durability  


  • Leather might tear if not probably maintained  

4) Cervical Pillow & Dog Bone Pillow for Neck Sleep 

recliner neck pillows - Bone Pillow & Bone Pillow for Neck Sleep

This dog bone shaped performing pillow does provide the head and neck with enough support and comfort. There is a nice softness to the stuffing despite it being a solid memory foam. 

Although it feels a little firm, it does hold your head comfortably, thereby you get a more relaxing support. The pillow features a butterfly shape which makes it more ideal for back and side sleepers, but if you are a stomach sleeper, it might feel slightly uncomfortable.   

What makes it stands out is the fact that it’s very eco-friendly. The foam does not contain any chemicals or heavy metals that might be toxic to your health. Furthermore, the cover and pillow are both hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant made from 100% polyester. It feels cool and smooth to the touch. Although the foam is solid, this micro-vented cover is quite breathable and allows sufficient airflow to keep you cool during a hot night. 


  • Really light and can be carried easily 
  • Aligns your head and neck to your spine and body   
  • Machine washable for easy care 


  • Might reduce in size after a long period of use 

5) SAMSONITE, Neck Pillow for Recliner, Car and SUV 

recliner neck pillows - Sаmѕоnitе Trаvеl Nесk Pillow  

If you find most neck pillows a little too small for your liking, the Samsonite steps up with a large pillow that provides the largest coverage on this list. The long adjustable strap means it will also work on both tapered and rectangular backrests.   

This Samsonite pillow comes stuffed with high-density memory foam that’s soft and adjusts accordingly to conform to the shape of your neck and head for maximum support and pain relief.  We love that the memory foam retains its shape over time, meaning you don’t have to keep adjusting it for you to enjoy optimal neck support. 


  • 18″ adjustable strap that fits any headrest size   
  • Removable outer cover enables easy cleaning 
  • Highly-adaptive-adaptive memory foam that provides instant neck pain relief   
  • Ergonomic design ensures boosted circulation 


  • Might feel bulky for small people


FAQs about Recliner Neck Pillows for Pain: 

Here are some commonly asked questions about recliner neck pillows for pain: 

Q: Can Pillows Cause Neck Pain?   

A: Sleeping on the wrong pillow can cause or exacerbate neck pain. If your pillow is too thick or too thin, it can force your neck into weird angles that put stress and tension on your body, resulting in neck pain. Even if your pillow feels comfortable at first, it’s possible that it’s not giving you the right amount of support. A proper pillow keeps your head parallel with your mattress, rather than bent up or down.   

Q: Which Pillow is Best for Neck Pain?   

A: There isn’t one single pillow out there that’s perfect for everyone, but the best pillow for neck pain has two main characteristics: it’s firm enough to keep your head at a neutral angle so your spine stays aligned while you sleep, but yet somehow soft enough to allow some give to help alleviate pressure points.   

Memory foam and feather pillows are excellent options because they provide support, but also cradle your head to keep your spine neutral. Cervical pillow the ones that have a depression in the center and raised edges are also top picks. Keep in mind that thе bеѕt рillоw for neck pain may not feel totally comfortable at first. It can take some getting used to, so give it a little time.   

Q: How Should I Sleep to Avoid Neck Pain?   

A: To avoid neck pain, it’s best to sleep on your back or your side. Your head and neck should be on your pillow, while your shoulders remain slightly below it. Your head should also be parallel to the mattress, rather than tilted at an angle.   

In Conclusion   

Whether you spend long hours driving, working, or playing video games, a recliner рillоw can improve your posture, ease neck pain and make the time you spend sitting more comfortably. How, you choose the right one is up to you. Weigh your options, and make the smart choicethat fits your needs. 

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