The Best Recliner Reviews 2016

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ImageProductRating Price
table1Deluxe Heavily Padded Kids Recliner4.6Click Here To Check
table2Home Elegance Ackerman Recliner4,4Click Here To Check
table3Furniture of America Blake Chenille Recliner4.9Click Here To Check
table4Beaumont Warm Brown 3-Way Recliner4.9Click Here To Check
table5Best Choice Products Massage Recliner Sofa4.5Click Here To Check

The modern idea of a recliner chair is often one of relaxation – having a recliner chair after a long, hard day at work is probably one of the most relaxing things that we can do. In fact, approximately 1/3 of all American households own at least one recliner chair!

Recliner chairs are popular upholstered chairs commonly found in middle class American homes, primarily in family rooms and areas where television is frequently viewed.

These chairs can be used as typical upright chairs, or a more reclined horizontal position via a mechanism or lever which lowers the chair back and raises a footrest, allowing the person sitting in the chair to vary seating from upright to supine, and also hence the title of ‘recliner chair’. The user can usually customize the degree of recline toward maximum personal comfort.

In its early history, these large recliners were created by the French for their armies around the 1850s, when they introduced a camp bed that could be changed to either a chair or a bed, saving space and costs of buying more of either furniture. It was much more portable as well, featuring padded arm rests and a steel frame.

In the later years of the 1920s, these recliners found themselves reinvented by the Americans, who decided that a wooden frame would prove lighter whilst being equally robust for the civilian population.

However, improvements during this period also being included upholstered and fitted with a more complex mechanism that allowed for a quicker transition to either form.

The recliner would not gain much traction until the late 1950s, when the recliner gained a massive popularity boost thanks to the invention of the ‘rocket recliner’, based off kinetics that at the time was in use with the US Air Force.

In fact, the design was so prolific that NASA used these recliners for their various project, and even the then president of the United States, Lyndon Baines Johnson. He even posed on one of these chairs post-surgery. Needless to say, after these high publicity affairs, recliner chairs become ubiquitous all over the world.

How do you decide which is best for you?

As mentioned above, there are a ton of recliner designs, types and styles. Style and designs aside, what would really make a great recliner for your home? That depends on you. What are you looking for?

Of course, there are a few ways to see whether you like a recliner:-

Recliners are like shoes —it can look amazing, but if it isn’t comfortable, you’d suffer in the long run. When shopping for recliners, ask yourself who would spend the most time on it, or rather, if you would spend a lot of time of it. Do your feet touch the floor when the back is upright? Does the recliner support my head and neck? Is it comfortable?

Inspect for lumpiness. Different people like their seats at a certain lumpiness or softness – I personally like mine a little harder and thicker so that it supports my back and neck.

Some others may prefer a much softer cushioning, preferring to sink into oversized recliners as a form of comfort. You wouldn’t know how it feels or what you want until you sit or try it out right?

Chairs upholstered in leather are the most durable and the most expensive. But since you’re going to purchase a great recliner that will last upwards of a decade, you might as well pick the top grain, thick leather to ensure its durability and toughness.

Of course if you prefer a suede-like feel go for a synthetic microfiber instead — it resists moisture and wrinkling and costs cheaper than the suede material.

The reason for selecting the synthetic microfiber version instead is because suede is a velvety, rich material – amazing feel on the skin, but not quite as durable as the full grain leather. As such, it may not last nearly as long as those recliners that are made from the tougher leathers.

However, do be wary of vinyl chairs. While vinyl does emulate the feel of leather and is significantly cheaper than those made from real, full grain leather, vinyl fabrics don’t last nearly half as long as the original leather, and you might incur more repair and patchwork replacement costs in the long run, making it a more expensive asset as upkeep.

Eventually, the one who will be utilising it the most will be you. Check on the different fabrics that your salesman will offer you, and test and feel which fabric and material you prefer the most.

Often, it’s a trade-off between comfort, and toughness (you wouldn’t want to sit on leather that is extremely hardwearing, but highly uncomfortable right?)

Focusing on its frame

Repair experts say it’s normally the stationary parts that break on a recliner, so have a look at the underside of the chair.

What you want would be heavy-duty screws made of steel and not cheap wooden or low quality metallic ones or worse, plastic fasteners.

When seeing things like ‘all wood construction’, don’t be fooled! It could mean that it was made from low grade wood or boards that were pressed together, which would not be able to withstand the rigours of the constant lever or machine motions of using a recliner.

Of course, it would be better to get the salesman or a certified technician to verify what wood it was constructed out of. However, be prepared to spend a little bit on their services, as it takes time and some equipment to verify.

That said, isn’t it better to be safe that it’s made of a good quality wood than to leave it unchecked and purchase one with a frame that wouldn’t last a year?

If your budget isn’t too large, a second best choice would be plywood and engineered woods. These are not as expensive as some of the more expensive hardwoods like mahogany, but they are nearly as durable and tough, able to withstand the mechanical forces working against them every day.

Engineered woods can often prove to be just as strong, if not stronger than some hardwoods – these engineered woods are created specifically to withstand long term damage and abuse, whilst keeping the chair’s structural integrity intact and uncompromised.

If you have a slightly larger budget and a big house, you might want to consider recliners with metal frames instead.

While steel is still used in some of its construction, steel can be rather heavy to move around the house, even with castor wheels fitted to its base.

Thankfully, modern technology has allowed manufacturers to create metal frames from much lighter materials like aluminium, whilst not compromising on the strength of the frame itself.

In this way, the frame of the recliner can be recycled in the event that your upholstery and fabric needs to be replaced (or modified according to your wishes).

However, metallic frames tend to drive up the cost of the recliner, so that has to be taken into consideration as well.

What type of recliner chair should you use?

Today, with so many types of recliner seats, how would we know what we should use? For example, the simple recliner has so many forms – from the simple rocker, all the way to the more expensive and exquisite oversized leather recliner, being a deeply upholstered, expensively constructed device.

Thankfully today, when choosing a recliner, your choices are as varied as the number of styles, with your personal style to fit into any existing décor of your choice.

You can also find recliners that are designed to be useful for medical conditions such as limited mobility or back problems. Here are some of the more common types of recliners today:-

Electric Recliner Chairs

Electric recliner chairs have only recently made a foray into the world markets, thanks to the automation of the mechanisms that allow the recliners to move.

Because of this, electric recliner chairs are perhaps one of the most sought after pieces of recliners in the world due to the ease of usage – simply press on a remote or a button on the chair to changes modes.

Modern electric recliner chairs can also be fitted with massaging elements, further improving and diversifying the uses of electrical recliner chairs.

brown recliner chair

Mega Motion Lift Chair Easy Comfort Recliner 3 Position Rising Electric Recliner Chairs Lounger


Electric recliner chairs that are comfortable and powerful? Why not!

A plush, well upholstered electric recliner chair, this one features a deep layer of fabric and cushioning, ideal for any and every situation that requires such a thing.

With multiple colours to choose from, you’d be spoilt for choice in what you would pick. In fact, just about every colour would fit into any modern, contemporary home today!

This model of electric recliner chair has three positions to choose from, which is great – the electric recliner chair can be used as a chair, a makeshift bed (for when guests are over) as well as any other position in between!

Best of all, it is all electrically powered, so you won’t have to spend prodigious amounts of strength to manoeuvre it into any position. Simply press on the remote, and let the electrical mechanisms do the work for you!

With its extremely strong mechanism, this electric recliner chair has 329 pounds of maximum lift capacity – more than enough for most people.

In fact, the frame is made of hardwood. This means that it has the capability to endure harsh mistreatment and abuse before it finally breaks down.

That would take quite a few years if you’re merely going to sit on it. The mechanism itself is made from heavy duty steel – more than tough enough to handle any damage that can be thrown against it.

While it comes with a power cord, this particular model of electric recliner chair also contains an integrated backup battery of up to a year, just in case the power in your home trips or fails in any circumstance.

This also means that there is time for you to replace the power cord or fix the socket before the battery dies, saving you any electrical damage that could be caused to the mechanism within.

Lastly, perhaps one of the better elements would be the lift chair. This enables most people who have some form of injury or disability to get up on their feet with assistance from the chair.

This makes this electric recliner chair in particular great for most senior citizens, as well as children or adults who injured their legs in accidents or similar situations.

Thanks to the lift chair, it also minimises the footprint of the chair itself – this means your floor or carpet will also not have the typical four dowel feet, which can usually damage wooden flooring or carpets.

All in all, due to the heavy hardwood frame and the heavy duty steel mechanisms that power its movement, as well as the thick leather layers sewn on top, this electric recliner chair is rather heavy at 90 pounds, 130 pounds when shipped. So do not that it will not be an easy task bringing it around the home!


  • Three Position, all electric lift and recline chair.
  • FREE Standard Ground Curb side delivery.
  • 329 lbs. maximum lift capacity.
  • Integrated battery emergency backup.
  • Warranty: 1 year in home service, 2 year parts, lifetime warranty on lift mechanism.


  • Must be connected to a power socket
  • It is quite heavy to move around – it weighs 130 pounds when shipped!
  • It is rather pricey

beautiful electric recliner

Coaster Home Furnishings Casual Electric recliner chair


A touch of elegance and class in any home, and perfect for every room.

Another beautiful piece of upholstered furniture that is very well endowed in the fabrics and cushion department, this electric recliner chair from Coaster Home Furnishings will look right at home in your house’s library, complete with mahogany and oak floorings and furniture.

Thanks to its powered mechanism, the lift mechanism on the base is powerful enough to aid people with knee, leg and back injuries in general to get onto their feet with little need for them to strain against their injuries.

Also, thanks to its metallic construction, the mechanism is also able to handle a huge amount of abuse and wear before it finally succumbs to its damages.

Thankfully for that, there is a warranty for this electric recliner chair. However, an important thing to note is that there isn’t a backup battery for the mechanism in case the mains power is cut or interrupted, rendering the lift functions useless in a power outage, so caution is also advised.

The frame of this electric recliner chair is also made to last – it is designed for use into decades of service, and not show any signs of damage in any way that will endanger the life of its user.

The upholstery is also very durable, and its fabric can, and will last throughout the years. The feel of the leather is velvety, though it does have undertones of suede, but it feels smooth to the touch nonetheless.

With extra wide armrests and a reclining capability, this electric recliner chair is probably one of the best to sleep on at night!

Perhaps one of the bigger downsides to this electric recliner chair is that when it is shipped, it is very heavy – at about 126 pounds BEFORE shipping, it will weight close to 150 pounds when shipped.

If you have a home that has multiple stories, you’ll need to either lug it up the staircase yourself, or you’ll have to pay for the movers to shift it in for you.

Even moving it across the first floor without damaging the floor or carpet can be severely draining and dangerous for your back and legs, if you lifted with improper technique. When in doubt, always be sure to get professionals to do it for you!


  • Wrapped in a brown sugar textured velvet fabric.
  • Completely casual and comfortable
  • Designed to bring you superior comfort and support.
  • Can easily support over 300 pounds of weight
  • Lift mechanism can help people with leg and knee pains or injuries onto their feet


  • Its weight is considerable – it weighs about 126 pounds!
  • There is no backup battery when the main power socket outlet fails – operating it would be close to impossible then
  • The mechanism movement is a little slow.

massaging electric recliner chair

HomCom Deluxe Heated Vibrating PU Leather Massage Electric Recliner Chair


What’s better than lounging on an electric recliner chair after work? A heated, massaging electric recliner chair, of course!

Ever wondered how it would feel like if you could come home to an electric recliner chair that heats you up on cold days, and vibrates at just the right frequency that your body just melts right into the chair?

Enter the HomCom electric recliner chair. With both heating and vibrating elements, this is surely one of the chairs that would make anyone want to come home early (or not go to work at all) and just relax on this chair all day, whilst peering out into the mountains in the distance.

Made of high quality PU leather, the outer fabric is soft to the touch, and comfortable to lay in. The layers of cushioning underneath the fabric makes the cushioning soft and supple, making relaxation on this electric recliner chair an easy task.

Interestingly, this electric recliner chair does not have a lifting mechanism – rather, it boasts a circular plate at the base that allows for a 360 degree rotation, giving you unprecedented versatility in the number of locations that you can place this chair at.

To further improve your relaxing experience, two cup holders are also provided so that you can place your hot or cold drinks near you for maximum relaxation, all while not requiring you to get out off of your chair!

Finally, we come to the really important functions – the vibrating and heating functions. The vibrations are focused on four main areas that aid in myofacial release, letting your muscles slough off the tension accumulated in the day.

The vibrations also come with five pre-set functions for you to enjoy, as well as two pre-set speeds for deeper levels of deep tissue massage!

The heating elements emit a gentle, radiant heat source that fills your entire back with warmth and comfort.

This, along with the vibrator nodes on the different areas, allow for a complete, in-depth massage that will leave your family members fighting over who will get to use this chair next!

While heavy, thankfully this electric recliner chair comes disassembled in two parts, making it easier to lug around the house, especially so if you plan on placing it on the second floor.

However, at 110 pounds fully assembled, it is still a hefty weight to handle, so care should be taken when assembling it yourself!


  • Made of PU leather in a beautiful finish
  • Rocks and can spin 360 degrees
  • Two cup holders provide place to rest your drink as you relax
  • Vibration and heating functions promote healthy blood circulation
  • Adjustable backrest reclines and leg rest comes out for you to lay back
  • Four massaging focal areas
  • Five pre-set massaging functions for maximum enjoyment
  • Two different speeds, high and low, as well as heated massage
  • Comes with attached remote
  • Chair is easily disassembled and reassembled for easy movement and shipping
  • Heating function is especially useful for places that are normally cold, or for people who are not able to exercise due to injuries.



  • PU leather may not last nearly as long as real leather
  • While lighter than its counterparts, it is still relatively heavy, at 110 pounds


Mission Style Recliners

A mission style recliner is the sort of recliner that you see in more affluent apartments and homes – usually heavily upholstered and lined with leather, the mission style recliner is perhaps one of the more expensive of the recliners on the market.

However, underlying its price is the amazing feel and quality of the chair as you sit or lay on it – the extra layers of upholstery and fabric make sitting in the mission style recliner a joy and a wonderful source of comfort after a long day at work, or even as a makeshift bed!
affordable mission style recliner

Barcalounger Craftsman II Mission Style Recliner Chaps Saddle


A classic mission style recliner that will never get out of style.

Clad in all earthy-toned brown, this mission style recliner is a must have in any modern home. Its traditional style harks back to the old baroque days where everything was made beautiful and aesthetically pleasing – except that it is now made with modern materials, ensuring that it lasts longer, and feels even better than before.

With modern plywood materials combined with traditional hardwood, this makes this mission style recliner a tough chair with a durable frame, one that can last for a long time despite repeated mechanical strains on it.

Mortise and tenon glued joints further enhance the already considerable strength afforded to this char.

However, due to the construction materials used, do note that this will cause the weight of this mission style recliner to be rather heavy.

As such, during shipping, it will be rather difficult to shift into your home – especially so if you plan on placing it on the upper floors.

It would be better for more hands to shift it, or at least pay professionals to help shift it into your home for you, lest you injure yourself moving such a heavy object.

Since no expense was spared for the construction of its extremely tough frame, the company also spared no expense in adding in premium materials for its fabrics and upholstery.

Superior full grain leather is used on the exterior of the chair, giving it full comfort and amazing resilience in materials durability, as well as high quality fabrics that encase the rest of the components.

Full pocketed cushions are also installed into the chair frame which is fully enclosed by the premium fabrics.

To top it off, the foam inside the cushioning is also filled with blended down feathers, making the heat trapping qualities of this mission style recliner one of the best in the market.

This means that you’ll be warm, cosy and comfortable when you sit on this chair for an extended period of time.

That said, because of the high quality of the materials involved, the chair is also understandably expensive.

However, with such superior materials used in its construction, which by extension also makes the chair a long lasting one, this chair would last decades into its service, which means that once you buy this chair, you probably would not need to purchase another for years to come.


  • Traditional Style
  • Leggett and Platt Activated not operated, mechanisms bolted to frame with I bolts, 1.8 Resiliency Foam, Delrin bushings on all mechanisms, upholstered handles, padding on backs and sides of all chairs
  • Hardwood and Plywood Frames with Mortise and tenon glued joints.
  • Leathers or Fabrics feature distinctive design and luxurious feel.
  • 30 Superior individual pocketed coils in each seat cushion , fully enclosed in fabric, the foam is topped with blended down feathers


  • Shipping and bringing it into your home will be a hassle – it weights a hefty 95 pounds in weight, not including shipping weight.
  • It is rather pricey for its type.

black mission style recliner

Santa Fe – Chocolate High Leg Mission Style Recliner


A classic mission style recliner in the style of the “santa fe”

If there was ever a chair that would look amazing beside the fireplace in the dead of winter, it would be this mission style recliner.

With dark, velvety tones complemented by the rich colours of the hardwood, this recliner is a beauty even in a cabin.

With the frame made from hardwood, this mission style recliner is one that is made to last a long time – with incredible resilience to decay and abuse, this frame will probably last decades – a long, long time before you’ll ever have to replace this. Chances are, you’d wear out the cushion fabrics long before the frame ever falls apart!

The leather on this is faux leather – not real leather. Most people would balk at using faux leather, and understandably so – with neither the feel of the grain in a single direction nor the durability of a full grain leather piece, it is an understandable thought.

However, interestingly this faux leather is unusually tough and durable – almost as long lived as even the real, fully cured full grained leather.

Its feel is also one of suppleness and comfort – a testament to the high quality of this synthetic fabric.

Clad with ultra-soft foam inserts, this makes the mission style recliner an amazingly great chair, and with a soft, wonderful experience for you and anyone else who sits on it.

Interestingly, the reclining mechanism that resides within the chair is also very durable – able to take thousands of repetitions before outright failing.

In the event it does, it still functions well as a normal chair, so if you don’t really recline, it matters very little in that respect.

This mission style recliner is also capable of near horizontal recline – perfect for watching the landscape outside your balcony.

However, owing to its hard hardwood construction, the frame is not light – it weighs a staggering 134 pounds!

As such, it would be a wise idea to have many hands help in shifting it. Even getting it into your home can be a problem because of if its weight – to say nothing about shifting it upstairs or downstairs into your basement.

So, either you’re an extremely strong person who can shift it yourself, or you can pay someone to professionally ship it out for you.

Personally, it would be wiser to have someone bring it into your home rather than have several of your family and friends shift, it at the risk of unnecessary injury to anyone who isn’t trained to handle these weights.

You bought the mission style recliner to relax – wouldn’t it defeat the purpose if you got injured whilst trying to bring in a chair designed for you to relax?


  • Rich chocolate faux leather
  • Mission style hard wood frame
  • High leg design
  • Durable reclining mechanism
  • 34″ Width x 39″ Depth x 43″ Height


  • It is actually quite heavy, thanks to its hardwood construction.
  • Arm rests have no padding, which may not be comfortable for some.

red mission style recliner

Outdoor Wicker Adjustable Mission style Recliner with Cushion


A modernized, revised take on the classic mission style recliners today.

If there ever was an image of a mission style recliner, this isn’t it. Typically, mission style recliners are normally made of more traditional materials like browned leather and hardwood frames, with the reclining mechanisms usually made of steel.

However, this chair is a modern take on the classic design – it was created to suit the more modernised, contemporary apartments you see in the big cities, where everything is created less from earth toned materials and a lot more from synthetic, brighter materials.

This chair has nothing of the traditional elements – it does not contain the typical hardwood frames that typically signify its status as a mission style recliner, nor does it use full grained leather for its fabric and seating cushions.

In fact, there is nothing that denotes it to be one. Yet, in spite of all that, this company has decidedly moved away from the traditional and toward the future of furniture, where it will be much more cost effective.

With cushions that are made from synthetic fabrics, cost of production goes down dramatically. While it does not feel like leather on skin, it certainly makes for comfortable seating and lying down on the recliner.

This also means that this mission style recliner is more than capable of being used outdoors (I’ve never seen anyone use leather recliners for outdoor uses), and of course this further increases the versatility of the chair.

The best thing about the cushions on this mission style recliner is that it is interchangeable with others in different colors, as well as being fully washable! You’ll never need to ever worry about someone dirty sitting on this chair (can you imagine your child coming home caked in mud and dirt sitting on the leather seats of a traditional leather mission style recliner? The amount of money you’ll need to spend cleaning it would be exorbitant!)

While it does not have a hardwood frame, the outer frame itself is made from steel bars, which more than offsets the strength by normal hardwood frames.

Thanks to its bar stock, it is also much light than a full hardwood frame, which is extremely difficult to transport around the house.

The steel bar frame is more than capable of holding someone who weighs 250 pounds and beyond, a testament to modern engineering over traditional hardwood framing.

Also, the mechanism allows for the chair to recline to 3 positions, giving you an extra advantage and allowing you to fully use this chair as a sunbathing platform over the summer.

Lastly, the wicker that covers the sides of the chair also provides a modern touch of flair and class to the seat!

In line with maintaining its light weight, this chair also is capable of being assembled in any corner of your home, unlike most full framed mission styled recliners.

The only downside is that the manual can be rather complicated to follow, which can lead to some frustration when attempting to set it up.


  • All-weather wicker
  • Durable rust-resistant steel frame with 250 lb. weight capacity
  • Reclines to 3 positions
  • Interchangeable & Machine washable cushion Covers
  • Measures 26.7″ Wide x 36.2″ Deep x 38.7″ High
  • Much lighter than most traditional mission style recliners thanks to its synthetic materials
  • Covers and cushions are washable
  • Thanks to the synthetic materials, it is also much cheaper than most traditional mission style recliners


  • Instruction manual for construction is complicated and difficult to understand

RV Recliners

RV Recliners are defined by exactly that characteristic – it is usually fitted inside and RV (recreational vehicle).

RV Recliners have a reputation of being finely made and extremely comfortable, as befitting for someone who travels to different parts of a country in their mobile home.

If it’s going to house you for months or years on end, why not make it as comfortable as you can? That’s precisely why RV recliners are somewhat more portable, well upholstered with leather or fabric of your choice.

beautiful rv reclinr

Bonded Leather RV Recliner and Ottoman


The perfect RV recliner for the home, RV and anywhere else in between!

A lovely shade of taupe, this RV recliner is the epitome of class and style that can be placed in any location, and will suit any surroundings that you deem fit.

The leather used is full grain leather, giving you unparalleled comfort when pressed against your skin.

The foam, fabric and upholstery that are built into the RV recliner blends seamlessly to form one of the most wonderful feelings that you can get whilst lounging on any RV recliner.

The bonded leather is also extremely durable, which will give you years of service before you see any signs of wear that will impair any comfort against your skin.

The frame is made from birch hardwood, which provides an extremely sturdy and durable base that can handle a significant weight placed on it (this chair can support up to 300 pounds of weight!).

Plus, the birch combined with the taupe leather gives a contemporary feel to this chair, further highlighting and accentuating the air of class and style this RV recliner gives.

The base of the chair also gives this RV recliner a 360 degree swivel, which is great for the chair’s versatility.

It means that you can place the chair anywhere, and you can still be facing multiple things at once, all without needing to get off the chair (that is of course if the remote for the television or radio is in your hands to begin with!)

The inner frame that supports the leather is made from metal, which also prevents any warping and bending when certain loads are placed at different points, i.e. when someone sits on the arm rest instead of the chair base itself.

Perhaps one of the negative draws of this RV Recliner is that assembly is required. Despite that, assembly is not difficult.

The parts are obvious, and it is also quite easy to grasp as to where to place which piece in the assembly, and assembly should take no more than half an hour in total. It will be even faster if there are more hands than just yours!


  • Set includes leather recliner and leather ottoman
  • Taupe leather; Birch hardwood base
  • Overall: 31″ W x 31″ D x 40.5″ H; Back rest measurements – 23.5″ W x 28″ H; Ottoman dimensions – 19.5″ W x 17.75″ D x 17.5″ H
  • Materials: birch hardwood, bonded leather, foam, metal; Supports up to: 300 pounds; Chair weight: 43 lb.; ottoman weight: 13 pounds; Approx. weight: 67 lb.
  • Mechanism-glide system with position lock and 360 degree swivel; Ottoman does not swivel, base measures 18″ across
  • Assembly required.
  • Made in the United States.


  • It is slightly pricier than other RV recliners of its range because of the high quality of materials used.
  • Reclining can be a bit sticky when first used. However it will loosen up with more use. The screws can also be adjusted to make it easier to adjust!

dorel living slim rv reclinr

Dorel Living Slim RV Recliner


The perfect RV recliner for indoor readings, relaxation and enjoyment in general.

If there was ever a small RV recliner that would fit a small apartment like that in downtown Manhattan, this chair would fit that bill.

At about 18 inches for the seat, and a total of 28 inches including both arms, this chair is really a small fit.

In fact, this is both a boon and bane – a boon because it can fit small apartments very well and blends in easily with small furniture, as well as being great for people with smaller builds.

It is a bane because that also means people who are greater in stature and size will find sitting in the chair a tight squeeze, making it uncomfortable at best, or outright not being able to sit at worst.

That fact aside, this RV recliner is made from microfiber cloth, which is a surprising turn away from the traditional full grain leather that typically adorns RV recliners.

However, this is a positive move away – microfiber cloth is much easier to clean, and is very comfortable against the skin.

The count of the microfiber cloth is high, so it will feel like silk against your skin. Moreover, the foam that makes up the arm and back rests are thickly padded, making sitting in this chair after a long day feel like a warm hug from your chair, and outright comfortable enough to sleep in if reclined downwards.

The reclining mechanism also allows for multiple positions, further increasing the versatility of the chair (it can form a makeshift bed!) however, when it first arrives it can be a little sticky, so be sure to keep engaging the mechanism and over time, it will be much smoother. You could also add a drop or two of oil or lubricant to help ease the mechanism’s roughness.

Unfortunately, because of its small size, it also means that the frame is smaller, which translates directly to the fact that it won’t be able to handle too heavy individuals.

It can perhaps take up to a maximum of 250 pounds, and going any further might be a little bit dangerous to both yourself and the structural integrity of the RV recliner’s frame.

However, that said, this chair would be perfect for people with smaller builds and frames, and especially so for people who want comfort and class while living in a small apartment in the big city.


  • Thickly padded seat and wide arms for the ultimate in comfort
  • Smooth pushback reclining mechanism
  • Tall back design
  • Seat height: 17.35in
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • This item is eligible for free replacement parts. Contact Amazon Customer Service for more information.
  • The small size and narrowness of the chair makes it great for smaller apartments


  • It is quite narrow. As such, it may not be great for people who are taller and wider
  • It is not capable of taking very heavy weights unlike traditional RV recliners with stronger, bigger frames.

zero gravity rv recliner

Camco 51832 Zero Gravity Wide RV Recliner (Extra Large, Black swirl Pattern)


A modern look at the RV recliner, while retaining all its comforts

In a bid to improve the classic RV recliners today, this particular model has gone through radical changes – with no fixed solid frame and zero leather used in its construction, this has become one of the most portable RV recliners, while not sacrificing an iota of comfort and durability in its make.

Instead of the classic full grain leather or faux leather typically used in RV recliner construction, this RV recliner instead went with UV protected polyester fabric.

This means that even out in the sun, the full force of the UV rays will not damage the fabric in any way. The lightweight fabric used also means that it is extremely portable, and easily folded and replaced if the need arises.

Obviously you cannot do that with leather, which requires extensive care and preferably, as little exposure to the sun as possible to prevent damage or any possible decay.

In addition to that, the fabric is also weather resistant, meaning that neither the sun’s rays not the strongest gusts of wind will damage the fabric at all.

The headrest portion of the fabric is also cushioned which makes resting on it when in nearly fully recline a comfortable, relaxing experience.

The metal frame is made from steel. It is also powder coated to ensure that the frame will not rust under most circumstances (unless of course the coating was intentionally stripped).

The powder coat also means that the bond between the powder and the steel is strong enough to withstand most weather conditions, and the unintentional scratches made on the metal.

Thus, the steel frame is protected from its worst enemy – rust and oxidation. With that out of the picture, the frame will last a much longer time, as it is extremely durable and resilient to any abuse given to it, whether intentional or not.

In fact, this frame can last up to 260 pounds of weight continuously! This is great for those of us who are slightly more built in body frame.

The dual locking system found on this RV recliner also allows for extra security and protection when it comes to setting it up and using the chair – you don’t want the chair to fold and collapse on you when using it right?

Best of all, when completely folded together, the entire RV recliner folds to about 5 inches in total – which is amazing if you want to save space around the house.

Not to worry – there will not be any damage done to the fabric when closed. Simply put – when you don’t want it out, you can keep it in the closet.


  • Weather resistant, UV protected polyester fabric
  • Powder coated steel frame; adjustable padded head rest
  • Dual locking system
  • Folds to 5″
  • 4″ wider than original zero gravity chair


  • Exceeding the weight limit can severely put a strain on the structural integrity of the steel frame, leading to premature metal fatigue and collapse/snapping of the frame.

Rocker Recliners for sale

Rocker recliners are precisely its namesake – they rock and recline. Rocker recliners for sale usually have several reclining angles, with footrests able to be set up, and the back which may or may not recline all the way.

Rocker recliners for sale are perfect for small spaces in general. In fact, some rocker recliners for sale have more than just two positions – it can be a variable position to allow for maximum comfort for any situation.

For example, you’d want to recline it to a certain angle for watching television, and of course you can also recline it flat for sleeping on at night.

rocker recliner for sale

Dark Oak Finish Leather Cushion Rocker Recliner for sale


A wooden rocker recliner that will last down the ages.

If ever there was a chair that reminded us of our childhood, it would be the rocker recliner. These were the chairs that our parents would hold us in and rock us to sleep.

Today, this rocker recliner for sale is perhaps one of the closest we can get to reconnect with our childhoods.

With an all oak hardwood construction, the durability and hardiness of the frame is unparalleled – such a strong frame, under careful care, can last through generations of use and wear.

Particularly, this hardwood frame is so tough it is more likely to outlast the cushions and upholstery that are placed on top of the frame itself.

The leather itself that is used to construct the cushioning is full grained leather, which is extremely durable and hard wearing.

This is perfect for when you have to rock a child to sleep, and a comfortable back rest is an important element in any rocker chair for sale (you’d have to sit for hours on end to rock a child to sleep!).

The foam that is underneath the leather provides a comfortable layer of cushion beneath the leather upholstery, keeping you comfortable even after hours of rocking or sleeping on it.

Perhaps one of the most surprising things about this rocker recliner for sale is that it is actually a little cheaper than most rocker recliners for sale of its range.

Considering the extremely high quality of materials used in its entire construction, the price is entirely and totally affordable for even people on a shoestring budget, but still want to have a home that is classy and a rocker recliner that can last for decades without damage and the potential to be spoilt.

One great thing about this rocker recliner for sale is that there is shipping within 0 to two business days, which is incredibly fast compared to many other brands out there which can take a much longer time to ship (sometimes, other companies take anywhere from five to fifteen days to fully ship out to whichever state you live in), making this company’s rocker recliner for sale stand out and far above the competition.

However, a point to not is also that fully assembled, the rocker recliner for sale is rather heavy at 70 pounds. As long as it is not dragged across the floor however, the weight would not necessarily cause much problems for anyone.


  • Dark Oak Finish Leather Cushion Rocker
  • Mission style solid wood construction frame
  • Dimension: 33″D X 26″W X 42″H
  • Brand New in Original Box.
  • Ship within 0-2 Business days. Lowest Price Guarantee.


  • Some assembly is required, but assembly is not difficult. A manual is also provided to help in assembly.
  • The weight of the rocker recliner is a little on the heavy side.

silver rocker recliner

Baby Relax Mikayla Upholstered Swivel Gliding Rocker Recliner for sale


A modern take on the normally wooden framed rocker recliners for sale. Now with added comfort for rocking babies to sleep!

Normally such rocker recliners for sale on the markets that look like this are not rocker recliners at all – they look a lot more like a power lift chair meant for adult relaxation.

However, this special rocker recliner for sale is exactly that, and more – it can also function as a rocker recliner for sale that helps soothe babies and lulls them into sleep.

First and foremost, this rocker recliner for sale can be fully reclined into a bed. This means that placing it in the baby’s room, it can double as both a chair AND a bed, if you want to keep an eye out for your baby.

The super comfortable cushion and foam inside makes it extremely comfortable to rest and sleep on it, making it also doubly effective at being a makeshift bed for an out of town guest or family member.

The supportive spring core form filled seat ensures that even the most worn individual will be able to find rest and comfort from the seats (notably so when you have to work full time while taking care of your children!)

Perhaps the most interesting part about this rocker recliner for sale is this – the chair lift underneath the chair allows for a 360 degree swivel, which is also great for versatility – and for the living room once your child is old enough to not require constant supervision.

Also, the enclosed ball bearing mechanism within the frame allows for the rotating swivel to also glide around, effectively turning it into a 360 rocking motion chair.

This is excellent if you want to turn up some variations in rocking your child to sleep (or at least, for your own amusement).

This means that it is also an extremely smooth rocking chair that allows for you to quickly find your rhythm and rock your child to sleep.

Of course, a chair of this size usually does not come fully assembled when shipped, and thankfully it doesn’t.

Because it is shipped in parts, it makes moving it to the upper floors very easy and convenient – all you have to do is simply to bring the disassembled parts together and assemble it there!

Lastly, the circular lift on this rocker recliner for sale will not leave the standard four markings normally made by chairs with four legs, which will greatly reduce damage to the floors or carpets.


  • It reclines! Super comfy, Nursery Swivel Gliding Recliner with track arm design
  • Elegant welt trim detail – Button tufting on the back rest
  • Enclosed ball bearing mechanism for both a rotating swivel function & smooth gliding motion
  • Supportive spring core foam filled seat – Recliner size: 41.75″ x 30″ x 37″
  • High-quality nursery and baby room furniture delivered to your door. Easy assembly


  • It is somewhat heavy at 103 pounds, but it comes disassembled so it is easier to move around.

Affordable rocker chair

SoBuy Relax Rocker Recliner for sale with Adjustable Footrest Design, with Side Bag


A lounge chair AND a rocker recliner for sale. How technology advances!

Combining the best of both worlds, this rocker recliner for sale is an absolute fantasy for people who love to rock their chairs, as well as fans of great looking lounge chairs.

In a bid to move away from the typical heavy framed rocker chairs, this rocker recliner for sale features a rather minimalist design – with open frames and very little clutter, this makes it the ideal rocker recliner for sale to place in your balcony, or in your backyard beside the pool.

Also, because of its rocking motion, this chair can be fitted in the nursery room to rock your child to sleep at night, if so you wish to.

The new metal frame with internal spring structure provides a ton of comfort and stability, as well as being more durable than a mere wooden frame that is constructed like this.

This means that it can bear a rather significant weight before it fails – right around 250 pounds of weight.

The cushion and padding on the rocker recliner for sale isn’t particularly thick though – it is great for lounging around all day, but it can tend to feel a little uncomfortable if you sit on a certain angle long enough.

While that is not much of a problem, it could be rectified by placing a few cushions of your own directly onto the recliner itself, which makes it magnitudes more comfortable than if the rocker were left on its own.

The footrest can also be altered and adjusted to several different positions for maximum comfort for you. In fact, raise it high enough and this rocker recliner for sale could double as a makeshift bed for you or for a guest coming from out of town, or a relative who needs to stay over for a night or two.

Perhaps thanks to the metal frame, the entire structure is very light. Combined weight of the entire chair is only about 12kg, or about 25 pounds in weight.

This is extremely light when compared to many rocker recliners for sale out there on the market. The only downside to this is that it cannot be folded into a compact and kept in storage.


  • The item is on 30% discount until 31th July 2016
  • New metal frame with internal spring structure provides much more comfort and stability than the old designs with tape.
  • Mats on the bottom of the chair leg to prevent the floor from damage (self-adhesive).
  • Overall Dimensions: Approx. Width 67 x Depth 81 x Height 84cm.
  • Weight: 12kg; Load capacity: 120kg or 250 pounds
  • Integrated footrest, adjust to 5 positions to meet different demand
  • Minimal assembly required


  • It can do with more padding.

Oversized leather recliners

AN oversized leather recliner is a recliner that is all about comfort – oversized to the point of almost being a small bed, the deep leather cushions and upholstered fabrics make the oversized leather recliner one of the most comfortable types of recliners on the market, with the only downside being its relatively larger size, which also translates to somewhat higher costs.

roundhill brown leather recliners

Roundhill Furniture Brandan Bonded Leather Dual Rocker oversized leather Recliner Chair


An oversized leather recliner that is plush and a wonder to sit in.

A truly plus model, this oversized leather recliner is one of the bigger bad boys on the market that is big, large and huge.

As with many oversized leather recliners today, it is constructed from the finest leather for its exterior, unsurpassed upholstery and built upon a heavy duty frame that is made to last. This oversized leather recliner is not an exception to that rule.

Made from full grained heavy leather, this oversized leather recliner is fully adorned in leather, giving it the maximum in terms of comfort and style.

This leather is incredibly durable and tough – it can, and will last through the ages. It will be a long time before it wears down to the point of requiring replacement.

That said, despite its status as full grained leather, it is soft and supple to the touch – this makes it feel amazing to lay on, and snuggle around.

The frame is built from hardwood, which is also made to last under most circumstances – abuse, weathering, mechanical damage – you name it.

The fact that it runs with hardwood also means that the frame is very tough and hardy and will likely last longer than the leather upholstery mentioned above.

That combined with the steel rocker base, makes this oversized leather recliner a chair that will last a good several decades of constant use. More if care is taken to preserve it and to minimise any damage to it.

However, the hardwood frame, combined with the steel rocker base and the full grained heavy leather makes this oversized leather recliner very heavy – at a 100 pounds, it is a beast of a recliner, and this also makes shipping it into your home difficult, particularly so if you want to shift it to a higher floor.

Thankfully, it comes partially disassembled, so moving it around may not be such a terrible hassle. It is best to either have your entire family assemble it with you, or pay professionals to shift it up to the floor you desire to minimise any possible injuries that may come with it.

Lastly, the foam inserts are of high resilience and manufacture – they are soft and provide comfort, all the while being able to resist potential damage.

Thankfully, the leather on the outer surfaces are tough enough to prevent most mechanical damages to the cushion foams underneath, which is noticeably weaker than the leather used.


  • Bonded Leather Dual Rocker Recliner Oversize Chair, dimension: 39 x 39 x 41 H
  • Built to last on hardwood frame and steel rocker base, sinuous springs are engineered to provide lasting comfort and strength
  • High resilience seat foam for superior durability and comfort, all joints pinned and glued for uniformity and strength
  • Some Assembly required; hardware’s and instruction are in the box
  • Photo May Slightly Different From Actual Item in Terms of Colour Due to the Lighting During Photo Shooting or the Monitor’s Display


  • The chair is heavy – it would be good to have more people help shift it around
  • It is also somewhat pricey.

affordable oversized leather recliner

Flash Furniture MEN-DSC01078-BRN-GG Plush Brown oversized Leather recliner Rocker


Another plush, oversized leather recliner for you to rest your weary self on after a long, hard day at work!

This is another beautiful oversized leather recliner on the market – no frills, no hidden costs, and all comfort.

This oversized leather recliner offers perhaps the best in relaxation for you to kick up your feet to do your work on a laptop, to chill after a long day at work, or just to enjoy family time with your loved ones.

This rocking recliner can be used not only in the living room, but also in the children’s nursery room thanks to its rocking capabilities, as the gentle back and forth rocking motion can sooth both babies and adults.

In fact, you can even use this on your porch to admire the view from your balcony!

As with most oversized leather recliners, the seats are overstuffed and heavily padded, which makes sitting down on this chair a very pleasant experience – wouldn’t it be amazing to sink right into the chair that is so extremely comfortable?

Perhaps one of the best parts about this oversized leather recliner is in its lever recliner – simply pull the level and move it to the desired position.

It can be used as an upright chair, all the way down to almost horizontally flat, making it a very versatile and useful feature. Also, you won’t have to use a ton of force like in other leather recliners.

Interestingly, this oversized leather recliner does not use real leather. But it is so well constructed and made that most of us would not be able to feel the difference – the quality of the faux leather is so close to real full grained leather, it actually feels like real leather if we didn’t bother to notice in the first place! It still feels as comfortable as normal leather though.

However, as with all oversized leather recliners, it can be rather weighty. It weighs about 96 pounds. Thankfully, the recliner comes half assembled, so that makes it much easier when you need to bring it around the house or to the upper floors.

However, it is still recommended that you have more than one person (namely, yourself) to help you move this up a staircase.

Better yet, you could hire someone to bring it up for you. It saves you the hassle of figuring out how, the frustration of thinking, as well as potential unnecessary injuries that you can sustain whilst carrying it up.


  • Plush oversized recliner, 40-inch width by 39 66-inch depth by 42-inch height
  • Extra wide design
  • Overstuffed Padded Seat, Back and Arms
  • Lever recliner


  • It is also rather weighty at 96 pounds. Thankfully it comes half assembled, so that makes it easier to move it around to assemble.
  • It is slightly pricier than other oversized leather recliners


best oversized reclining sofa

Signature Design by Ashley Exhilaration Collection Oversized Leather Recliner, powered


There are two versions of this oversized leather recliner. This is the powered one. In my opinion, it’s the better one.

Perhaps one of the grandest in terms of oversized leather recliners on the market today, this oversized leather recliner is the epitome of class and social status in any home – with its massive size, well finished faux leather exterior upholstery and full leather interior upholstery, this oversized leather recliner is when opulence meets elegance.

Basically overstuffed with thick, superior quality foam cushions, this oversized leather recliner is probably the mother of all recliners – it is a massive 59 x 42 x 39 inches, more than enough for you to have two or more people sleep on it when fully reclined down. The foam cushions also make it incredibly comfortable when either sitting or lying down on it.

The corners of this massive frame is also blocked with metal reinforced seating to ensure it remains damage resistant when shipping and moving around corners in general, and its frame is also heavily built to ensure that it will last at least a decade of use, perhaps more.

A very interesting thing about this oversized leather recliner is that it has two layers – an exterior vinyl layer, mated to a full grained leather interior.

This is done to protect the inner leather layer from extreme wear and tear (let’s be honest, if we all had a recliner like this we would all want to jump on it the first thing we got home!).

However, the vinyl is in no way uncomfortable – it feels good against the skin, and it doesn’t feel unnatural.

The best part about this oversized leather recliner is that it is powered – it comes in two versions, and this is the powered one.

The powered one is better because the internal mechanisms do all the work for you – the unpowered version requires quite a fair bit of strength to effectively push it into a recline.

Of course, the real downside to this oversized leather recliner is in its sheer weight, and cost. Owing to its huge size, it is bound to be heavy.

It comes shipped fully assembled, so it is best to leave it to professionals to move it into your home – particularly if you wish to ship it to the upper floors.


  • One-touch power control with adjustable positions
  • Corner-blocked frame with metal reinforced seat and footrest
  • Tight back and seat cushions
  • High-resiliency foam cushions wrapped in thick poly fibre
  • Leather interior upholstery; vinyl exterior upholstery
  • Power cord included; UL listed


  • It costs much more than most other oversized leather recliners due to its fine finish, size and sheer flawless workmanship.
  • It comes fully assembled, which makes it harder to move around the house.
  • It is extremely heavy at 162 pounds. This would be best left handled by professional movers.

Leather reclining loveseats

Similar to a normal recliner, a leather reclining loveseat is basically a recliner that fits two people instead of one, hence the name, ‘loveseat’.

True to its recliner roots, the leather reclining loveseat is best fitted with leather upholstery for the best feel against the skin.

However, do note that having two people on the recliner would also mean that the heat trapped by the leather would be higher as well. That could work better in the cold autumn and winter days though.

leather reclining loveseat

Classic and Traditional Brown Bonded Leather Reclining loveseat chair


A large leather reclining loveseat for two, please!

Loveseats are great for couples who just moved in or got married – there is always enough room for two, and no one can say that there isn’t enough space!

For this leather reclining loveseat, we use the two seater as an example. However, we also provide the dimensions for the one and three seater loveseats too, in case you are interested in them.

These are overstuffed with foam cushions, making them very comfortable to sit or lay on. For a couple living together, this leather reclining loveseat can also double as a makeshift bed if they’re on a tight budget!

However, the cushions are not as soft – you will not sink into the seat like other recliners. This model’s cushions are more firm, so that is also a point to note.

While the soft bonded leather is not nearly as tough or durable as the full grained leather used by the bigger recliners, the bonded leather is soft enough to make this leather reclining loveseat comfortable enough against the skin and soft enough for anyone to feel the cushioning beneath the bonded leather.

Also interestingly for this leather reclining loveseat, it does not come shipped fully assembled. Rather, it is shipped in a few pieces, which makes it far easier to move around the small apartment by one person.

Simply place the pieces together, and voila! You have a full, working leather reclining loveseat.

However, do note that while this is a strong piece of furniture, there is a maximum weight limit that it can hold too.

This leather reclining loveseat can perhaps hold a combined weight of no more than 200 pounds. Any heavier and it might strain against the structural integrity of the frame, which can lead to injuries and damage to the loveseat itself.


  • Ultra plush and comfortable recliner – reclining brown chair love seat sofa 1 seater 2 seater 3 Seater and a 3 piece complete set – 3 seater only has 2 reclining seats
  • Soft bonded leather upholstery with a mat finish to avoid sweat and skin to stick to material
  • Overstuffed design for comfort – Reclining mechanism for sleep and comfortable position
  • Dimensions: 1 Seater – Dimension- 34″ L x 29″ W x 39″ H Seat Height- 19″ Seat Depth- 21″ Seat Width- 18″ Recliner (all the way)- 64″inches, 2 Seater – Dimension- 56″ L X 29″ W x 39″ H Seat Height- 19″ Seat Depth- 21″ Seat Width- 38″ Recliner (all the way)- 64″ inches, 3 Seater – Dimension- 73″ L X 29″ W x 39″ H Seat Height- 19″ Seat Depth- 21″ Seat Width- 56″ Recliner (all the way)- 64″ inches – Minor Assembly Required
  • Please provide working phone number with your order – We currently are unable to ship to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Island or Guam


  • Some assembly required, but the assembly is relatively easy, and can be done in minutes

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